Sales Qualified Leads

Know your future customers better. Whether their BUDGET is approved? Do they have AUTHORITY to implement your service? Do their NEED fits your? When is the TIME they are looking out for you? Sales Qualified leads helps you predetermine your customer and close deals effectively


• At Maven Biztech, we help you know whether the prospect's Budget is approved to implement your services.
• You connect with Final decision makers this helps close the deal quickly
• Understand how exactly your solutions is the best- fit for their problems
• Not every buyer is willing to buy as you sell, Sales Qualified Leads help you identify an early opportunity, so now you know where to focus

Sales Qualified leads have always been at it's peak of delivering ROI through lead generation programs. Your sales team need information such as Budget, Authority, Need and Time frame to judge if an inquiry is really a lead and should therefore be followed up. Not only does it simplify the process to follow it also identifies the current need in the Market for your solutions

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