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Marketing programs for your brand play a vital role in growing your customer base, this has never been easier. In here are some of the most efficient tools your team can use to implement a profitable and gratifying lead generation policy.


HubSpots into satisfied customers. To do so you will need to monitor the entire process from end to end, identifying fragile spots in which you lose customers due to lack of information or a misapplied marketing strategy.HubSpot will allow you to maximize your success rate with existing leads; it will provide you with the statistics needed to regulate which of your inceptive lead generation ventures are most effective. This will ultimately allow you to craft the most rewarding campaign possible.

2.Salesforce: Salesforce, a market leader in cloud-based customer relationship management that enables marketing, sales, and customer service teams to convert, identify, and anticipate business leads. As it is cloud-based, it doesn’t require a skilled IT team to set-up, just log in and you are set.

3. Leadfeeder: Knowing who visits your site is an essential key to optimizing it to best convert prospective leads to happy clients.Leadfeeder leverages Google Analytics to help you identify potential businesses to reach out to for direct B2B sales.

4. Fieldboom: Fieldboom, a complete customer feedback tool to contribute to different types of forms on your site. Instead of having independent platforms for creating surveys, lead forms, another for CRM, and so on, Fieldboom blends in all of these activities in sync. Allows you to create surveys, customer support forms, lead forms, job application forms, and much more.

5.Unbounce: Unbounce the easiest way to build and test your tailored landing pages, website popups and sticky bars. The most efficient way to improve your post-click changeover rates and launch more strategic campaigns. The platform features a drag-and-drop landing page builder as well as many pre-built templates.

6.LeadPages: There is a distention between a lead and a visitor how long they linger around. Turn your visitors into leads by creating an efficient landing site that captures their attention and makes them want to learn further about your company and its products.LeadPages provides you with a simple drag and drop solution for creating effective pages, taking the assumptions out of web development.

7. Bontact: Contemporary lead generation is challenging due to the numerous platforms available for B2B communication.Bontact aims to eliminate the obstacles of communicating across a wide array of social platforms by providing a single place for voice, texting, web chat and general messaging without any stress and wrangle of conventional platform management.

8. Datanyze: Datanyze has numerous tools for discovering specific data on leads. The Datanyze Insider Chrome Extension will give you grid for a site you are stopping over, such as site revenue. You can then export this information to the Sales force with specified contact information.

9. Pardot: Pardot, A B2B marketing automation tool by SalesForce, It can create landing pages, conduct A/B testing, save prospects, integrate Google Adwords, create email campaigns, and set up email automation. Offers a remarkable solution for the needs of a B2B organization.

10. Broadlook Capture: You can stumble upon essential leads by merely browsing the web. The problem is how to record the contact information for later follow up without bothering your workflow? Broadlook’s Capture is a simple Google Chrome plugin that enables you to quickly document contact information from sources that include web pages, emails, and online documents. The reported information is copied to your CRM for later use by your marketing and sales teams.

Conclusion This was our list of top 10 online lead generation tools available online. But remember to target the right platform is as important as targeting the right crowd. To ensure the success of your campaign, be sure to target the platform that is most suitable for your crusade aim.

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