Highly Qualified LEADS

At Maven Biztech we work closely to understand your aim and deliver leads to pump your sales team. We bring you Decision Makers or Influencers reference to your services & products who are out in market looking to evaluate their current options

• Accurate contact information - Information that sales absolutely need to have in order to sell
• Demographic qualifiers. Optimized filters to ensure that the lead fits your target buyer profile
• Behavioral qualifiers - Lead’s activities that show buying intent
• Process: All Highly Qualified leads can be pumped into to the CRM as soon as they become qualified. Give an actual time if possible (e.g. 4 hours)


While this activity serve a number of purposes —establishing thought leadership, expanding brand awareness, improving customer retention— lead generation remains the top goal. You can prioritize the good leads over the bad, assign points to potential prospects, target the attributes most often associated with serious customers, and more easily identify which people to further invest time and resources in. To maximize the odds that will happen, we design perfect HQL's lead generation program

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